Monday, 7 April 2008

Resourceful Teaching

What is RT?
Photo: Jamie and Laura in Comodoro Rivadavia-2000

The vision of Resourceful Teaching is to see teachers growing and developing with wisdom, maximising their skills as communicators and models of excellence in their field through the application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These teachers are committed to using their talents and strengths in helping the world recognise the supreme importance of meaningful education as a birthright of all human beings.

The mission of RT is to provide a structure through which teachers have access to the skills and technology of NLP as applied to education. This includes high quality training and support, materials and information, contacts and networking. Our graduates are empowered with the awareness, choices, communication skills and facilitating beliefs and values to make a real difference in their teaching context.

The strategy of RT has been to create a Practitioner's Certificate and Master Practitioner's Certificate course completely orientated towards practising teachers. It is also to run workshops, shorter courses and other training for teachers. We offer consultancy and information to teachers and to educational institutes. We develop materials and literature applying NLP to the teaching and learning processes.

The structure of RT is to offer training and consultancy in Education in
the following ways:

* General Educational workshops
* Tailor-made on-site workshops responding to special needs of schools
or other educational institutions
* Practitioner Certificate in NLP for Education courses
* Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP for Education courses
* Consultancy upon request
* Electronic mail newsletter
* Free introductory talks
* Participation in major ELT events
* Ongoing access to instruction and trainers
* Networking and a forum for contact both within Argentina and
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