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Resourceful Teaching Week 2011

RT WEEK 2011
February 07 – 10

Resourceful Teaching workshops for teachers
Pioneers in training with NLP in Education

For those who want much more than new teaching techniques...

Giving you ideas and a space to reflect, develop, grow and thrive in the classroom!

Workshop programme

Workshop details

Monday 8 Feb am Teaching the students of today
The profile of students today, particularly teenagers and children has changed considerably from those of a few years back. What are their common characteristics and how do these affect their learning? What do we teachers need to bear in mind to help facilitate successful study
Monday 8 Feb pm Memory and learning
Learning depends mostly on a well trained memory.
How do you help your students encode, store, and later retrieve what you have taught them?
Drawing from the latest investigations in the fields of Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, in this workshop we will work with some very effective techniques to enhance your students’ learning processes.

Tuesday 9 Feb am Learning English with GANAS
NLP techniques to help your students come to class with GANAS, learn English, and enjoy the process.
In this workshop we will address some of the biggest challenges teachers face on a daily basis: how to reach all students, respect their learning styles, make learning memorable and set stimulating goals. There will be some theoretical input plus activities and reflection.

Tuesday 9 Feb pm Irony or Coincidence?
In this session we will explore the fascinating world of synonyms, words that look alike or words that are often confused. Discover the subtleties of meaning and usage in these vocabulary items.

Wednesday 10 Feb am A Passionfruit Smoothie
This practical workshop blends a variety of language activities and exercises with students’ own interests and passions to create new ways of learning and practising language. Fun and ideas for students to express their individuality and yet still be part of the group.

Wednesday 10 Feb pm Creative Writing for YOU

Is your own writing limited to the marking of students’ compositions?
Or maybe the projects for your academic training?
When was the last time you really enjoyed writing creatively for yourself, in English?
In this workshop you will have the chance to flow as a writer and you will learn wonderful techniques to help your students in their own creative writing.

Thursday 11 Feb am Is it all about LOVE after all?? Or isn’t it?
Why are you a teacher? What made you choose to pursue this profession? What makes you stay? Where do you derive satisfaction from? What are your rewards?
These questions and many more will be a part of this reflection session, in which we will try to determine how your motivation to teach can be developed, nurtured and, above all, cherished and treasured.
Thursday 11 Feb pm Outside the box!
How can we help stimulate students to reflect and develop their imagination? To stretch their thinking?
In this session, we take different activities, texts and tools to practise cognitive skills and develop the student’s potential for creativity and insight.

Each workshop lasts three hours. AM: 9.00 - 12.00 PM: 14.00 - 17.00.
Venue: Gallardo 719, Versailles, Capital Federal.

Please enrol by by e-mail: or
or by phoning (005411) 4641-9068

There are limited vacancies per workshop. Enrolment is only guaranteed by payment of fee.

Special Discounts:
Five people enrolling together are eligible for a discount of 10% on the whole week
Students currently enrolled in Teacher Training College $30 per workshop

Note: Fees are not refundable but can be transferred to another course or to another student where applicable.

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