Thursday, 11 September 2008

Books on NLP- part 1

Books on NLP – part one

In one of our plenaries at the Conference, we listed a number of books written on the application of NLP to educational contexts or books which have had an influence on the classroom. Unfortunately for us in Argentina, many of the books, especially those in English are not available here or ceased to be so after the devaluation at the end of 2001. Of course, these books can be ordered online from suppliers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Another option is to get the books when travelling or ask a friend overseas to purchase them. This can work well, however NLP books are still quite specialist and there is no guarantee that they will be found readily in any bookshop. A good policy is to do some research online first and maybe even e-mail a bookshop where you are going to get them to order the book so they have it when you arrive.

Some books are available from the author directly (Michael Grinder , Jane Revell ) and may be more difficult to obtain elsewhere. In this case, dealing with them directly is the best option.

And what about translations? So far, mainly books about NLP generally or their use in business contexts have been translated into Spanish and those bookstores that specialise in self-help books are likely to have a good selection or be able to get hold of them.

Now, an increasing number of texts are being written by Spanish speakers as well and are highly recommendable. As yet, not so many tackle education directly but this will surely change over the next few years.

In this series, we will mention some of the more important NLP books….

One author that is readily translated into Spanish and may also be available in some places in English is Joseph O'Connor.

He and John Seymour wrote Introducing NLP, (available in translation) which gives a good overview of the topic. His more recent books An Introduction to NLP with Ian McDermott and NLP Workbook also give a good basis to NLP. Among other books by this prolific author are Training with NLP, Leading with NLP and The Art of Systems Thinking.

Jazmin Sambrano is a Venezuelan author who has books based on NLP like Superaprendizaje and PNL para todos and El placer de Aprender a Aprender. Her books are available in Argentina

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