Friday, 11 April 2008



AUGUST 8-9 2008

First Latin American Conference in NLP for Education


To celebrate our tenth birthday, we have decided to hold a conference to mark the moment and to show the public what we have all achieved applying NLP to our work in Education.

We are therefore launching a Call for Papers for those who would like to participate by submitting a proposal for a workshop at the conference.

Sessions can be given in English or in Spanish as we intend to make this a bilingual event reaching out as well to the teaching community. Each workshop will be of one hour and there may be the possibility of repeating them.

Requirements for presenters:
Holds a recognized certificate as a Practitioner in NLP or have completed a Practitioner training with us.
To present in English, you must be a graduate of a recognized Teachers College or be a native speaker.

First step: Send us an abstract of 200 words explaining
a) what you wish to present
b) describing how it represents the application of NLP to Education
c) cite any relevant academic sources relevant to the presentation
d) indicate in general terms how you will go about the presentation

Deadline for papers 10 May 2008
Send to:

Jamie and Laura
April 2008

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